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About Let's Popcorn

Let’s Popcorn; the 1st regional Gourmet Popcorn brand launched 11/11/11 in Kuwait with exclusive 50+ unique flavors.

An American Quality, Locally prepared with its own secret recipe and most important; it is committed to best value of each popcorn kernels, highest quality ingredients and healthiest cooking method. Each set of our Let’s popcorn is masterfully created cautiously and filled with care. All our flavors are air-popped (Oil-Free), which maintain the maximum nutrition facts for each popcorn kernel. It is the Popcorn that doesn’t taste like a Popcorn!

The Brand rapidly expanded in the region and signed 8 Master Franchise Agreements in less than 2 years. The Brand received 2 recognition awards by World Franchise Associate and UK Great Business Award Finalist.

Let’s Popcorn is available in :

Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, UAE, KSA, Oman, Lebanon and soon in India, Egypt & Jordan.

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